CE 497/592: Building Information Modeling in Construction

The objective of this course is to help students understand how BIM is used in construction. BIM is more than a 3D modeling tool. It can model construction schedule (referred as 4D), cost (referred as 5D), and more! Therefore, many construction companies use BIM for planning and controls (a.k.a. construction management), which is the focus of this course. Students learn how BIM can support short-term planning during construction. This course teaches how to work with a BIM model rather than drafting one from scratch. Students are sent to construction sites, where they observe physical progress and create 4D as-built BIM models.

CE/CS/ECE 592: Design of a Robotic Computer Vision System for Autonomous Navigation

Co-instructors: Edgar Lobaton and Tianfu (Matt) Wu of ECE
This project-oriented course aims to develop an outdoor robotic system capable of autonomous navigation using visual sensors. This autonomous platform will lead to various applications that will automate the management of our infrastructure systems. This platform will be built around Clearpath’s Huksy platform. Hardware design including the integration of embedded platforms, sensors and networking will be performed. Software development will include design of a simulation environment, integration of visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms, and design of feedback and motion planning strategies. As a final outcome, these components will be incorporated into a single platform that will navigate autonomously on an outdoor scene by building a map of the scene and following a trajectory generated automatically from a user-defined target destination.

CE 792: Visual Sensing for Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Management

This course introduces 2D and 3D visual sensing (Computer Vision) and how it can solve civil engineering problems. This is an application-driven and project-based course that also covers basic understanding of the theoretical concepts of computer vision and image processing (e.g. feature detection and matching, 3D scene reconstruction, object recognition and tracking, and SLAM). Small teams of CS, ECE, and CCEE students will work on interdisciplinary projects that provide very practical solutions to improve our buildings and civil infrastructure systems.

CE 367: Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings

This course introduces mechanical and electrical systems in building construction. Students learn concepts related to HVAC, lighting and electrical systems and construction of these systems. They are also introduced to how BIM can help management of construction processes related to ME systems.